Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sewing History│Cubism Influence on Fashion

The Musician, 1917-18 by Georges Braque

Cubism is considered the most influential art movement of the twentieth century. It transformed the world of art with its emphasis on geometrical dimensions and use of flat planes, multiple colors, and collage. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque are credited with the development of this form of art. The influence of cubism spilled over to the fashion world and brought fundamental changes to the design of clothing in the early twentieth century. The three-dimensional clothing of the 1800s was replaced with two-dimensional clothing.

Example of 1800s silhouette 

Clothing designs became flat, just like cubist art, and the puffed up sleeves and round silhouettes transformed into flat silhouettes. 

New, flat silhouettes

The influence of cubism on fashion certainly didn’t end in the early twentieth century – more and more designs today are picking up on the other aspects of cubism – particularly the geometric shapes and bold multi colors. 

Credits: Martin, R. Cubism and Fashion
London Fashion Week


  1. I know it's cliche, but you truly do "learn something new everyday"!! Thanks for the informative post!

  2. I love your "fashion history" posts! As Myra said, we learn something new every day! Keep them coming! :-)

    1. Thank you; I'm glad you love them. I like to read a lot and learn different things.