Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Inspiration│Styles of Japan

Black-patterned white silk chiffon by Hanae Mori, 1989. (Mori was the first Japanese designer to achieve international standing)

Japanese fashion has heavily influenced Western clothing since the 19th century and continues to do so even today. A lot of their designs combine Japanese traditions with contemporary features. They are known for simple, yet sophisticated designs. 

Red silk damask dress by Claire McCardell, 1950. 

The wide sash in the above dress resembles the Japanese obi. I love the detail of the pleats. The neckline is made to resemble a kimono neckline. 

Gray and black pleated polyester by Issey Miyake, 1989

The above dress is futuristic yet its extended shoulders resemble a man's over-kimono. The short sleeves project outward resembling an under-kimono

Yellow, black and white sequined black silk crepe with black silk velvet by Valentino, 1987 -88

This cocktail ensemble was inspired by Japanese decorative arts. 

Source - Orientalism: Visions of the East in Western Dress by R. Martin and H. Koda

Hope you have a wonderful week and happy sewing!


  1. What stunning garments - I love the interplay between European and Japanese designers, something still going on today. The Mori's are beautiful - sort of reminiscent of 1930's, to my mind at least.

  2. Beautiful, especially the top of the black silk Valentino number! I love inspirational posts like this - thank you! :-)

  3. Cuanto modelo bonito, me gusta mucho el amarillo y negro.