Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dior Inspiration

Thanks to seamstress and blogger Shams of Communing With Fabric, I got myself a copy of the book "Christian Dior" published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The book is a celebration of five decades of the amazing work of Dior. As stated in the book, Dior is a name symbolic of elegance, impeccable quality, and continuous modernity (Arnault, B.)
              I really enjoyed going through the book and seeing all his creations - below are a few of my favorites:

            "Ficelle" day dress, spring-summer 1949

The level of detail is just inspiring! He used a combination of silk and natural linen for the above dress.

"Mystère" day coat, fall-winter 1947

This coat is made of black wool on the outside, with layers of green silk taffeta on the inside. Very elegant! 

"Scarlatti" ball gown spring-summer 1950

According to the book, the spirals of ribbon and lace on this gown were hand applied along one edge so that they could stand semi-upright rather than flat. This gown was named after Domenico Scarlatti, an Italian composer. 

"Mayfair ensemble, without jacket, fall-winter 1955

Only Dior can make a simple black dress look so elegant. I love the pairing with a satin belt. 

If you would like your own pdf copy of the book, please visit The MetPublications website and download it. The book shows Dior's masterpiece creations between the years 1947 and 1957, so there's so much more to enjoy.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy sewing!!


  1. Nice!! I like a lot of the garments, and respect the craftmanship.

  2. Very interesting! I will go download my copy now! Thank you :-)

  3. Absolutely stunning creations! thank you so much for sharing :)