Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Simplicity A1489 Tunic Top #2

I really love this pattern. I've worn my first version of this top so many times I decided to make another one. It's very comfortable and just perfect for work. The instructions are easy to follow and it comes together very quickly. I cut my usual size 10 but had to adjust it down one size.
I've been so busy lately but I'm going to start working on my Fall sewing plans soon. Hopefully I'll be able to get more sewing done now that Summer's over. 

Happy sewing!


  1. This is a lovely top - the neckline is lovely (and rather like my favourite Burda top). It's great to have something to wear to work that is comfortable, but still looks smart, especially for client free days :)

  2. Love your new tunic. pretty fabric too. Happy sewing.

  3. It does looks very comfortable. I like the fabric very much :) Good luck on your fall sewing!

  4. Very pretty. Fall sewing plans -- I haven't even thought about it yet. The weather in Louisiana is still hot and humid….


  5. Very pretty and I LOVE the fabric!

  6. Hi, I am trying to sew this( a beginner). I am not sure if I should cut 2 of the front facings? can you give me a quick overview of how you attach that? Thanks.

  7. You only need one of the front facings - but it has lining so you'll need to cut (1) on fabric and (1) on lining. Attaching the front facing is the trickiest part of this pattern. Since you're beginning, you many want to use a colored pencil to mark the line that you'll have to cut after you attach the facing.

    - after applying lining to the facing, fold the outer edge about 1/2 an inch and stitch. This is just to neaten the edge of the facing, so don't worry if the corners are not perfect. It'll be on the inside so it won't affect the look of your garment
    - with right sides together, take your time pinning the facing to the fabric and making sure it's in the center of the fabric. Use the dots on the pattern to make sure it's all lined up well.
    - stitch close to the line and go over your first stitching. Double stitching is important here because depending on your fabric, it can fray and undo the stitches. Try to make your stitching into a V
    - cut along the line your drew, and be careful at the point of the V - you want to cut close to the stitching but without cutting your stitches
    - then you'll turn the facing to the inside. I usually use scissors to push the corners out and shape them. If the corners are too bulky you can trim them
    - make sure you iron it very well right after attaching because it helps to stay in place

    I'm sure you'll do well. It's really a great pattern.

  8. Thank you so much, with your suggestions/encouragement I have completed that part, could be better at the V but not too bad. Now the neck facing is confusing. Any suggestions, if you can if not I'll try to figure it out..I am wondering if I should just add a ready to use piping.
    I didn't expect you to reply during the tax season! Thanks a bunch and all your projects are so professional very nice and inspiring.

  9. Thanks a lot for your kind words; I really appreciate the encouragement. I know, it's such a busy season for me right now. These days it seems like I'm just busy throughout the year, lol.
    The neck facing is much easier than the front facing. Fold it in half with wrong sides together and attach it on the outside of the garment. I like to double stitch the neckline just to make sure it's secure.
    - Trim the seam low and make notches about an inch apart along the entire neckline. To make the notches, you make a small fold and clip it - it comes out as a small V when you straighten it back. It helps to make sure the curve shape of the neckline stays flat.
    - after making your notches, turn the facing to the inside and press it well. Since it's your first time, I recommend that you baste it in place - make long stitches by hand.
    - you'll then stitch it from the outside - which is great because you can make sure that the outside looks neat.

    Good luck! I'd love to see your finished product.