Friday, May 16, 2014

Book Review│ How to Show & Sell your Crafts by Torie Jayne

A recent visit to my local library ended up with me checking out a copy of "How to Show & Sell your Crafts" by Torie Jayne (published in Jan 2014). It is a very visually appealing book from cover to cover, filled with lots of attractive pictures that really grab your attention. But unlike a lot of craft books out there, there is so much more to this book than its good looks. It is packed with so much useful information, tips and creative ideas. The book has five chapters:

Chapter 1: Getting Started - goes through how to organize your craft workspace, provides ideas on storage solutions, as well as info on creative boards and why you should make one.
Chapter 2: Branding - provides lots of great info on brand building, designing an avatar, making a business plan and conducting marketing research.
Chapter 3: Selling Basics - goes through selling basics such as pricing, packaging, payment processing, etc. 
Chapter 4: Selling in Person - provides info on selling skills and promoting your crafts.
Chapter 5: Marketing - gives great tips on how to develop marketing materials and promote yourself online, etc.

Craft desk
I love the "How to Make" pages in the book, which give step by step instructions on how to make items such as the craft desk pictured above, storage boxes, rubber stamp, etc. 

Throughout the book, there are also "Meet the Crafters" pages that introduce you to some of the world's most successful crafters, such as Vicki Trainor in the above picture. 

lots of creative ideas in the book, in pretty colors too!

I highly recommend this book. Even if you're not currently selling anything, I think every crafter can gain a lot of useful info from it; I certainly did!

The AuthorTorie Jayne
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  1. Thank you for such a lovely review, I have shared it on my Facebook Page :

    1. You're welcome; it is such a well written book.

  2. The pictures really peak one's interest. Nice review!

  3. They do, and they are so inspiring. But the good thing is that you're not just looking at pretty pictures, you gain a lot of great info and advice as well.

  4. Book looks interesting.. Thanks for sharing.