Friday, April 18, 2014

Sunshine and Shine On Award - I've been nominated.

I'd like to thank Dorothy of Sewing Fun Things for nominating me for the Sunshine and Shine On award. What an honor! This award is meant to help you get to know your fellow bloggers better and network with other bloggers, as well as reveal fun facts about you to help your readers know you better.

The Rules - a) Use the award logo in your post
                     b) Link to whoever nominated you
                     c) Write ten pieces of information about yourself
                     d) Nominate ten fellow bloggers ( or less if you have less followers) who positively and                                  creatively inspire others in the blogosphere
                     e)Inform the nominees on their blogs.

Okay, check on a) and b); now some info about moi:

1. I think its true that, looking back, we regret more the opportunities we left on the table, than the mistakes we made. 
2. Sometimes I wish I lived back in the 18th century. 
3. I don't watch much TV at all - only a few shows, one of them being Peppa Pig - thanks to my son!
4. I don't like to cook. Sigh!
5. Math was my favorite subject in school. 
6. I'm not scared of heights.
7. I'd love to become a polyglot (someone who fluently speaks many languages), like Michel Thomas.
8. I'm such a home body!
9. I'm mad at myself for not getting back at sewing sooner. 
10. I'm absolutely enjoying getting to know all the wonderful sewists in the blogosphere. I think the sewing community is the best ever! So cheers to more sewing and more creativity...

My nominees:
1. Mrs. Toad Sews
2. Sew Filled to the Brim
3. Sew Florida
4. Mrs. Crafty Chick
5. SarahLizSewStyle


  1. Congratulations! And a big Thank You!

  2. Seconding Mrs Toad here - congrats. And thank you for the award - it will take me a few days to post about this.

  3. You have an interesting life. I'm a home body as well. It has a lot to do with being raised that way and working hard.