Thursday, March 13, 2014

So many sewing blogs...

I would have never imagined that there were so many sewing blogs out there. I think I've been discovering a new blog just about every day. Its great to see so many women making their own clothes; it saves money and you get to wear what you like. I'm learning so much from all the sewists that are kind enough to blog about their sewing experiences and sharing great tips and advice. So far, some of my favorite blogs are:

1. Tilly and the Buttons - she's so creative! I love the learn to sew page on her blog.

2. The Sewing Fanatic - I dream of being able to sew like her someday!

3. Gertie's Blog For Better Sewing - tons and tons of tips and invaluable info.

4. Sewaholic - she also has lots of great tips and sewing instructions.

5. Erica B.'s DIY Style! - another creative one! I love her clothes.


  1. There are so many sewing blogs I follow quite a few on Bloglovin.


  2. I need to check out Bloglovin. I've heard about it but I've never visited the site.

  3. I have always used my blog (via a list like you have) to follow other blogs. I am up to 140 blogs! lol! And I think there might be a limit so I've switched to bloglovin. So far, it's a bit "too much" for me but I hope I will get the hang of it soon.

  4. I'm following a lot more than are listed on my blog, and my list keeps growing everyday. Its so amazing to see so many women making their own clothes.